Vocal Spectrum has been singing together since 2003. The members of the quartet come from various musical backgrounds, from classical vocal training to jammin' in rock-n-roll bands. These 4 young men, who graduated from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, all majored in different fields of study. V.S was originally formed as a one-time educational quartet to sing for a local high school and has never stopped singing since!

V.S. has traveled to Germany, Holland, Sweden, Russia, England, Japan, New Zealand and throughout the United States singing for various shows and conventions as well as teaching high school students about barbershop harmony. Vocal Spectrum has had the privilege of singing for both Russian and China National Television. Jim Henry and David Wright assist with coaching and arrangements for the quartet. All members of the quartet sing with the Ambassadors of Harmony (2004 + 2009 International Chorus Champions).

In July of 2004, Vocal Spectrum won the 2004 International Collegiate Quartet Contest held in Louisville, KY. And on July 8th, 2006 won the coveted International Barbershop Quartet Contest – becoming the first quartet in history to win all 3 possible medals (Collegiate Quartet, Men’s Quartet, and Chorus Medal)

Jonny Moroni  was born in St. Louis, MO. He discovered barbershop through a local public access channel one night while watching TV. His next barbershop experience was attending the Ambassadors of Harmony Annual Christmas show in 1997 with his grandparents; and from that point on, he was hooked. Jonny is now Co-Director of the International Championship Chorus - The Ambassadors of Harmony. Jonny sang in a number of quartets throughout high school and into college, where he was once again reunited with Eric in what has now become Vocal Spectrum. Jonny excels at website design and internet marketing and is married to his beautiful wife, Lexi.... who also happens to be a Sweet Adeline International Gold Medalist as well - singing baritone! Jonny and Lexi have 3 beautiful children.

Chris Hallam  currently resides in St. Charles Missouri,  a suburb of St. Louis with his lovely wife, Megan, and three  daughters Abby, Zoey, and Emily.  Chris is an assistant principal for the City of St. Charles School District. His wife is a middle school communication arts teacher in the same school district. He has been singing barbershop since 2003. A phone call from a fellow friend and classmate named, Jonny Moroni, was all it took to get him hooked on barbershop And he has been doing it ever since. Chris’s musical experiences include singing in multiple select ensembles including, being a founding member of Lindenwood University’s Voices Only directed by Jim Henry.  Vocal Spectrum is the first and only quartet Chris has ever sung with. Outside of barbershop Chris enjoys spending time with his family and keeps busy in various church leadership roles as well as being active in various St. Charles community events. 

Eric Dalbey has been singing barbershop since 1999. Eric’s first barbershop experience was when a fellow member of his high school ensemble (Jonny) heard him sing, he walked right up to Eric and asked him to sing a barbershop tag. Once he found out that Eric could hold his part, they formed the first barbershop quartet at Westminster Christian Academy High School. Eric has sung in many vocal groups eventually joined Vocal Spectrum in 2003. Eric double majored in Vocal Performance and Biology from Lindenwood University. He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary, where he completed his Masters degree in music and worship. Eric currently teaches music at Webster University and Missouri Baptist University. Eric and his wife, Elizabeth, have a 14 month old daughter named Lydia and are expecting their second child in December!

Tim Waurick originally hails from Levittown, PA, but now lives in St. Peters, MO. Music has been a big part of Tim's life since the age of 4. He started singing barbershop music in 1993. In addition to singing sing tenor in Vocal Spectrum, Tim serves as the tenor section leader for the 2004 and 2009 International Chorus Champions, the Ambassadors Of Harmony. In May of 2007, Tim graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Tim currently owns his own music production company, which specializes in creating learning tracks for choruses and quartets. Tim has produced nearly 1,000 recordings for groups throughout the world and has also released two acappella solo albums which are available at his website: