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Vocal Spectrum - This International Championship quartet is ready to sing for your next engagement or chapter show. Click on the Contact Us link to learn more about how you can see Vocal Spectrum Live.

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Tour Dates/Events/Cruise Info

Stay up to date with Vocal Spectrum’s shows and appearances by clicking on the Calendar link. Here you will find additional show/ticket information to see the quartet live!

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CDs & Merchandise

Vocal Spectrum is excited to announce the release of their 3rd album. Click on the Store link at the top of the page to download music, purchase CDs and shop for personalized Vocal Spectrum apparel.

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Vocal Spectrum LIVE!!!

We are excited to announce that with the launch of the new website… we will now have the ability to stream live performances… as well as watch the quartet rehearse. You can ask questions and chime in during the rehearsal, or simply sit back, relax and catch the lighter side of Vocal Spectrum.

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Latest News

Vocal Spectrum’s – Christmas Album (Release: 11-22-13)

Vocal Spectrum is excited to announce the release of their Christmas CD in the fall of 2013. Please stay tuned to the website and our Facebook Page for details about the release!! Thank you for your support!!!!

International Champions

Over the past six years, Vocal Spectrum has become one of the most sought-after young quartets in the world...